Holiday time – you need cover! #virtualassistant #holidaycover

Holiday time – make sure you have staff cover   – There are a great many benefits to being self-employed but time off is rarely one of them.  Too often small business owners find it difficult to detach themselves from their business and feel that if they are not working they are not earning. Recent research has shown that over half of small business owners (6 in every 10) do not take holiday and of those that did, over three quarters of them still worked whilst they were away, checking emails, taking phone calls and generally conducting business.

As a business owner the fear is that because you work for yourself there will be no one to look after your interests whilst you are away and therefore holidays are out of the question.  The majority of small business owners are workaholics and believe that there is no alternative, and an ‘all hours’ ethos is the only way to success.  It is vital that as a small business owner you realise that if you are worn out, or not sleeping properly, you are becoming anxious and beginning to make mistakes you will need to take a break or a holiday before your business suffers. Trying to find someone who can deal with calls and emails or cover important work can be tricky, you will want it to be someone trust or someone who you know is competent. In fact, in the Hospitality Industry it is not uncommon for an independent restaurant to close for duration of the holiday. closed2Hiring from a temp agency may result in inconsistency, and do you really want to hand your business over to a stranger for a fortnight, so… whilst everyone around you is taking a holiday and you are working all hours and wishing you could have a break you should be aware that there is another way!  The Virtual Assistant way.

A Virtual Assistant or Virtual Assistant service can provide you with qualified efficient staff to handle the day to day running of your admin, telephone calls, bookings, marketing and enable you to have the much needed break. The benefits to using a Virtual Assistant service are:manage your small business

No need to provide a dedicated workspace


No Statutory work breaks

No agency fees

You simply pay for the work to be done in the time required and the added benefit to using the Virtual Assistant service is that after the holiday and your batteries are re-charged they are there to help you get back on top of your work, they know your business, they know your clients and you k now you can trust them. So now that we have established that hiring a Virtual Assistant is easier, more practical and more cost effective than taking on a temp, or asking friends to help you out. If you need that holiday why not contact Beed with what level of service you need and we will be happy to help or simply email us via


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