How good is your online reputation? #outsource #virtualassistant #socialmediamarketing

How good is your online reputation?

Have you ever ‘Googled’ yourself, or have you ever come across a negative review of your business that you were not aware of? It is absolutely vital that you manage your company’s online reputation, especially in a world where social media platforms are seemingly endless, and just one adverse comment in a thread or on a forum can snowball and cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your company! googlesearch

Knowing exactly where and how to monitor your online presence is fundamental to building and maintaining your online presence, and by doing it correctly you can build up fantastic following, which could even boost your credibility if your reputation is brought into question. People are very quick to bring your reputation into disrepute online and in social media, but less quick to defend a great product or service!!It is important to remember that when using social media, your online presence will form the opinion that others have of you, so you should always make sure it reflects the image and person you want, not only for you the business owner but for your business as well.

Maintain a positive, professional presence.

It is important to for any business ensure that when potential clients search online they will want to check out, facebook  profiles, twitter updates, google + accounts and any others sites they use as standard, so you need to make sure they like what they find! WordItOut-word-cloud-953096

When we carry out Social Media Marketing for clients we also monitor social media sites, to ensure that anything damaging is removed immediately, we re-assess privacy settings to make sure that non client friendly posts/photos or comments are not viewable publicly and regularly review social media sites to ensure that your company reputation is not at risk.

Keeping track of social media updates is important to any business in today’s busy social media driven world, but it is also very time consuming, so.. Beed Virtual work with clients from the beginning to the end…have you seen set up, management and monitor of all social media sites, assess where their name is turning up in searches, measure the consistency of the brand, and assess the level of their social influence/reputation.

Remember what you post online becomes public information so make sure it doesn’t damage your reputation as a business.  Beed Virtual Assistant can help you maintain and protect your online presence which will enhance your social presence. Make sure your ‘Digital footprint’ isn’t a muddy one!!


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