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Beed helps you to be efficient. To be successful. To be organised. All of which are fundamental to YOUR business success.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur we know you will have a hundred things on your ‘to do’ list which you struggle to get around to doing. Beed understand that you are probably an innovator or have a creative mind and know exactly how you want to take your business forward and struggle to find the time to deal with the day to day administration needs of your business.
Beed can help, we provide a range of virtual assistant, secretarial and administrative services to help you stay in control and allow you to concentrate on what you do best, enabling you to grow your business.

We can help you to establish new processes and procedures, help you train new staff in the future, and we will always be on hand whenever you need us to support you, whether it is in an administrative capacity or for a specific project. Don’t become a ‘bottleneck’ in your business, let Beed help you, contact us now.
For further information about the Virtual Assistant Services offered by Beed see each of the respective pages by following the links below:

BE Efficient!

Our core services which almost all of our clients use on an ongoing, retained basis
  • Virtual Assistant Services - Our virtual assistants can help with a variety of secretarial services, helping you to get more organised and more efficient Data Entry - Maintaining your business databases with accurate up to date information
  • Data Entry Services - Our team can create and update databases for email marketing, client records, ecommerce sites - whatever you need!

BE Successful!

Our services that help you to generate new business and never miss a sales opportunity.
  • Market Research Services - We complete customer surveys, assess suppliers, investigate advertising costs or simply solicit general feedback on ideas to provide your business with useful insight
  • Lead Generation Services - We can support you in identifying potential leads, collecting contact information, sending out emails, making calls and inviting initial meetings
  • Marketing Assistant Services - We can provide support for your marketing including email / letter send outs, updating of social media profiles and content, maintaining online listings and content

BE Organised!

Our project based services that typically help you deal with a specific need or requirement for a fixed time period or one-off project.

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