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Virtual Assistant – Business or Personal Through Beed, and with the support of experienced Virtual Assistants, we can help you to streamline your standard admin processes within your business. Or if you are employed and seeking new opportunities but don’t have the time, we can help you with CV design and job search.

Don’t want to get bogged down with admin which can easily be handled by us?

Can’t lay your hands on that file that you know you saved?

Want a new job or change of direction but don’t have the time?

Be Efficient!

Let Beed help you manage your time more efficiently. We offer a variety of services to enable your business to run more smoothly.

Our aim is to give you back your time; time so you can focus on doing what you do best and give your clients the full attention they deserve. 

We can help you streamline and update a CV, and help you find the job you always wanted without the need to take time away from your work.

Virtual Assistants

Below are examples of the wide range of popular services our virtual assistants can offer you. Of course each and every client has unique requirements, so this is not an exhaustive list and if something you need is not listed just give us a buzz to see if we are able to help. 

If you are interested in finding out more, or talking through your requirements to see if we can help you, call us on 07983 546980, email us via or complete the enquiry form on the ‘Contact Us’ page from the menu above. We look forward to hearing from you!

Creating a structured and easy to maintain filing system online

  • Ensuring documents are referenced in a consistent manner.
  • Setting up folders that are clear and easy to navigate
  • Renaming files to ensure they are correctly referenced

Create standardised document templates in line with your branding

  • Creating letter / email templates and ensuring they aligned to your brand
  • Setting up templates for MS Word and PowerPoint aligned to your brand.

Writing up presentations and documentation

  • Turning your meeting notes (hand written, bulleted list, even audio files) into formatted documents
  • Formatting presentations for conferences, events or sales meetings into professional slideshows.

Job Search

  • We can help you streamline and update a CV
  • Job search via national job sites
  • Help you find the job you always wanted without the need to take time away from your work

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