WILL YOU USE EMAIL MARKETING IN 2017 – WHY NOT OUTSOURCE? #emailmarketing #virtualassistant

In this day and age, it could be argued that with social media, and mobile marketing taking up so much of our time these days, email marketing is on it’s way out? – I DISAGREE! Well over half of all people who use the internet use or send emails every single day. With the use of Smart Phones we don’t even need a computer, and a simple ‘ping’ notification on your smart phone, tells you that mail has arrived, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you will check it!! Which is why Email marketing provides far more opportunities for your business, is extremely cost-effective, it is instant and an absolute must to your marketing needs. If you do not have the time or resources to dedicate to Email marketing, then outsource and start to target a much wider audience!!

Why should you start an Email Marketing Campaign? There are several reasons why!

It’s Simple, Targeted and Personal! – It’s simple, and can be done by anyone, at any time!. By using a mailing list you have the ability to distribute information about your company/services to a wide range of specific clients. With Email marketing you have the ability to control exactly who sees an email, and can target location, audience and demographics, and, by customizing your message, making it more personal, addressing every person individually, you are more likely to promote a higher conversion rate! If you don’t have a mailing list, for a reasonable cost, a good Virtual Assistant can research a target market for you and provide the Email marketing service for you, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business! email marketing1

It Increases Brand Awareness! – Each time you send an email, prospects/targets are exposed to your business and your brand. With smart design, targeted content, and a personal message your business will consistently build value, ensuring that your company and brand remains in the fore front of your audience’s mind.  That way, when a prospect needs products or services, your business will be remembered, and your company stands a much better chance of turning those leads into clients and clients into loyal customers. Some years ago, I worked as a Marketing Manager for an organisation, which is now a global company and leaders in their field, and a prospective client said to me during conversation “your name has been everywhere for the last 3 years, so I felt you must be a credible company and worth looking at” – That client bought the product and became one of the company’s biggest clients!! – make sure you keep your brand in the forefront of your target prospects mind, they may not buy now, but they may well do so in the future!

It’s Trackable and easily shared! – There are few forms of marketing that are as easy to share as email marketing. How many times have you received an email that may not be pertinent to your needs but you know someone it would help? With the simple click of the forward button, off it goes….all your offers, advice, and news is shared with someone else. Subscribers who share your emails act as brand advocates, so each time someone shares your email with friends or colleagues your brand gains more exposure and therefore, more credibility, and it is worth remembering that all ‘bounce backs’, un-subscribes can be used to measure responses, positive or negative which will help to measure sales/marketing.


It’s Measurable and it’s discrete! – Analytics are vital to measuring the success of any campaign and Email marketing provides insights into your customers interests. By using your email marketing campaign as a tool to monitor which information your prospective clients are most responsive to you can further target your marketing strategy towards specific topics of interest which can only lead to more successful campaigns in the future. If you make sure your emails have the ‘un-subscribe’ or opt in opt out options this can help you monitor your prospects allowing them to un-subscribe at their own discretion.

It’s Cost effective, AND GREEN! – In my view, the biggest advantage of email marketing is the return on investment. Take away the costs for design, advertising, printing, postage, and man hours to do all of this, and take away the need for paper, envelopes, printing and ink, making it a better ecological choice of marketing!! Email marketing is as cost-effective as it gets. According to Industry Experts– “Email marketing delivers the highest ROI (about $44 per dollar spent, on average) of any digital marketing tactic, outperforming search, display and social marketing. cost effective&green

It’s fast, and it’s global!! – Lets face it, direct mail as well as being slow can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to evoke a response. A letter can sit on a desk for days before it eventually reaches the right person. Email Marketing however has a response in anywhere between 1 and 3 days, no matter where you are or when you need to reach people, targeted emails can reach their instantaneously. If an office in London receives the email it is forwarded instantly to the office in Dublin where it was meant for !! There are no boundaries with email marketing. global

It’s interactive! – Using videos, graphics, images, competitions, or anything else which will pique the attention of your target clients is always a good thing. Email marketing allows you to push your message/product to your targets, and shows them instantly what you can offer! No more waiting for your web site to deliver!emailmarketing3

In short, Email Marketing is a must. In today’s fast moving digital world, using Email marketing as a simple, targeted, trackable, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool to increase brand awareness and target your ideal customers is the way forward. If you are not using Email marketing, perhaps you don’t have a dedicated resource, or maybe you just simply don’t have the time, we can help you. We can offer a strategic approach, guidance, and Email marketing services which can help your business benefit from email marketing. Contact us today on bev@beedvirtual.co.uk for further information.


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